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MFS proudly presents

A very limited, numbered edition of Yello’s classic hit Vicious Games remixed by Mark Reeder & Micha Adam.

This is the full-length, Wet&Hard version, as featured on Mark Reeder’s digital album Subversiv-Dekadent – and it is only available on Bandcamp

The B side features Mark Reeder’s own track You can Touch Me

Vicious Games/You Can Touch Me is released on 180g crystal-kleer vinyl 12 inch and it is Limited to 250 copies only.

Price 20 EUR (plus postage and packing)

First come, first served.

Please order your copy here.

Mark Reeder’s SUBVERSIV-DEKADENT double album features his own tracks, and remixes for New Order, Yello, Liars, Alanas Chosnau, Fifi Rong, Zachery Allan Starkey, Queen of Hearts, Cemetery Sex Fairies, MFU, Mr Sam & Rani Kamal, Birmingham Electric, and STOLEN.
The album includes a special, exclusive alternative remix version for the latest New Order single – Be a Rebel (Mark Reeder’s Cheeky Devil Remix), and his reworking of iconic 80s hit, Vicious Games by Yello, as well as a couple of solo compositions.
It is a collection of tracks that Reeder has mainly co-written and produced with these artists from around the World.
As it’s presently not exactly permissible to travel, he presents audio images by artists from around the globe, from the USA to China and everywhere else in between.
STOLEN are from Chengdu, China. Fifi Rong is originally from Beijing, she now lives in London and performs with Yello from Switzerland.
New Order, Queen of Hearts, MFU and The KVB are all from the UK.
The Cemetery Sex Fairies are from Bonn, Germany, while Alanas Chosnau is from Vilnius in Lithuania.

Masterminded For Success

MFS is proud to present the ROAR sound of the new global underground for the 2020s with STOLEN from Chengdu, China.

We have relaunched the label with their new album FRAGMENT, available on limited edition double vinyl. You can order the album here.

At the beginning of 2020,

STOLEN were invited to support New Order on their tour of Japan in March, which was unfortunately postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As a special lockdown offer, we have the UMAA Limited Edition Japanese CD Version of Fragment for sale, on a first come first served basis, just for fans. The CD comes in a replica vinyl gatefold cover, with Obi strip and inner sleeve. 

You can order the Limited Edition CD here.
This extended-release, also features remixes of Chaos, by Japanese techno legend Takkyu Ishino (Denki Groove) and Japanese newcomer A-Bee, as well as Mark Reeder’s Downtown in Chinatown remix in its full-length version.  

Here is STOLEN performing the first Lockdown online gig on 16th March.


With MFS into the 2020s – Mark Reeder on STOLEN

                 ‘I decided to reactivate MFS after working with a Chinese band STOLEN.’

In early 2017, I saw this band of working-class kids perform at the Morning House open-air festival in Chengdu, the capital of southwest China’s Sichuan province, where I was invited to DJ and show B-movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin. STOLEN were the headliners of our night and they were magnificent. I was blown away by their energy and the thrilling feeling from the excited crowd, I felt I was witnessing something special.