*Special Limited CD Offer* Blank & Jones, Mark Reeder – Reordered


Blank & Jones, Mark Reeder – Reordered

After Mark Reeder remixed Miracle Cure for German electronic music duo Blank & Jones in 2008, they asked him if he would like to make a Remixes album featuring his reworkings of their vocal tracks.

The result was Reordered. It was released on Soundcolours in 2009.

This album not only features Reeder’s Genussmittel Mix of Miracle Cure, featuring New Order’s Bernard Sumner on vocals, but also his legendary mix for A Forest, featuring The Cure’s Robert Smith on a newly sung vocal.

He completes the package with mixes for Anne Clark, Vanessa Daou, Bobo in White Wooden Houses, Elles de Graaf, Claudia Brücken, Trademark, and Steve Kilbey.

Reordered has long since been out of print, but we have a very limited quantity for sale on a first-come-first-served basis and only one copy per person. All products are sent via registered post with a valid tracking number.

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Catalogue Number: SC 0018

Release: October 2009





  1. A Forest (Schwarzwald mix feat. Robert Smith)
  2. Heart of Wax (Heart Of Crystal mix feat. Vanessa Daou) 
  3. Loneliness (Alone In The Dark mix feat. Bobo)
  4. Consequences (Resultant mix feat. Vanessa Daou)
  5. The Hardest Heart (Heart & Soul mix feat. Anne Clark)
  6. Miracle Cure (Genussmittel mix feat. Bernard Sumner) 
  7. Manifesto (Save Yourself mix feat. Vanessa Daou)
  8. So Cold (Ice Cold On Alex mix feat. Trademark)
  9. Unknown Treasure (You Shall Be Free mix feat. Claudia Brücken)
  10. Perfect Silence (Perfect Moment mix feat. Bobo)
  11. Where You Belong (You Can Run mix feat. Bobo)
  12. Revealed (Overexposed mix feat. Steve Kilbey)
  13. Mind Of The Wonderful (Mastermind mix feat. Elles)

All tracks were rewritten, replayed, remade, remodelled, remixed, reordered and reproduced by Mark Reeder & Micha Adam at Monumental Studio, Berlin.