*Special Limited Japanese CD Edition* STOLEN – Fragment


Catalogue Number: UMA 1121

Release: 7 August 2019

This strictly limited edition CD is packaged as a mini-replica-vinyl album and housed in a card sleeve, with obi-strip and inlay notes.

Plus, the CD contains 3 extra bonus remix tracks not featured on the original vinyl album, by legendary Japanese Techno producer Takkyu Ishino, UMMA’s latest signing artist A-Bee and our very own, Mark Reeder.

We have a very limited quantity for sale on a first-come-first-served basis and only one copy per person. All products are sent via registered post with a valid tracking number. 

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there are significant post delays in certain countries outside the EU.


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  1. Chaos
  2. Neutral life
  3. Why we chose to die in Berlin (Mark Reeder’s dying to be dancing mix)
  4. Enter the gap
  5. Copy shop (Mark Reeder’s copycat mix)
  6. Vampire lovers
  7. Frozen song
  8. Turn black (Mark Reeder’s back to black mix)
  9. From the future
  10. The loop sin

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Chaos (Takkyu Ishino’s Denki an Dis Remix) 
  2. Choas (A-Bee’s Tokyo FAQTORY Remix)
  3. Chaos (Mark Reeder’s Downtown in Chinatown Remix)