MFS is pleased to announce the digital premiere of the new, full-length album Children of Nature (MFS 7179-1) by ALANAS CHOSNAU & MARK REEDER. 

Children of Nature is a beautifully crafted retro-modern synthpop album, which reminisces upon an era when we were free to be creative and dance together.

Alanas was born in Baghdad but brought up in Vilnius, in the 80s Soviet Union. After the fall of communism in Lithuania, he formed a band and became one of their first pop stars.

Mark grew up in Manchester and moved to West-Berlin in the late 70s, where he has lived and worked as a musician, record label owner and music producer ever since.

After working on the track Losing My Mind, Mark and Alanas decided to make an album together. They discussed the sound, style, and topics they wished to present with Children of Nature

The album also features the debut of I Can’t Share This Feeling, a Shark Vegas song written 1985, which Mark never recorded.

Songs about love, loneliness, and contemporary life, but also about the fragility of humanity. Their idea was to make a retro-modern sounding album, that evokes an illusion of a creative music era that was initially denied to so many Soviet citizens, while at the same time, presenting an album which sounds fresh for today’s listeners.    

Children of Nature reflects their personal experiences and hopes for the future.


  1.  How Do You Feel? 04:13
  2.  Fade On 04:33
  3.  All Alone 04:54
  4.  Children Of Nature 06:07
  5.  Drowning In You 04:45
  6.  Stand Up 04:37
  7.  Tonight 04:50
  8.  I Can’t Share This Feeling 04:13
  9.  It’s Who You Are 03:38
  10.  Love Of My Life 05:33
  11.  Heavy Rainfall 04:44
  12.  Losing My Mind 05:54
  13.  A Loving Touch 05:59
  14.  Heartburn 05:18

Children of Nature was produced by Mark Reeder and Micha Adam in Berlin and is released on MFS. It is digitally distributed Worldwide by Believe Digital and is available on all digital platforms from 26 May 2020. 


New Single ALL ALONE 

Mark Reeder and Alanas Chosnau have crafted together an album of retro-modern sounding love songs, which almost feel prophetic when the current Coronacrisis is considered.

All Alone is just one of those songs. 

“We had no idea what was to come, but it seems we touched on a frequency from the future and the song appears to have been derived from a deep, inner-feeling we both had at the time.” said Alanas

It was that feeling of being stuck at home, all alone, in what is seemingly an empty apartment. The song recalls the memory of a better time but dwells on the mental frustration of someone who is currently feeling lost and lonely, and reaching out to anyone who is in the same situation.

All Alone, a song dedicated to all those currently isolated at home. View the Official Music Video here 

All Alone was produced by Mark Reeder and Micha Adam in Berlin, and is released on MFS and is digitally distributed Worldwide by Believe Digital and is available on all digital platforms from 15th May 2020.